The Freedom Of Individual Mobility

We at Biiki strongly believe in Individual Mobility. We believe that with the coming trends of Autonomous cars, Mobility services in the form of shared cars and Urbanization, Biiki firmly believes that people will always want to be mobile at the time of their own choice in their individual way, maintaining some latitude of freedom.

What Biiki is offering is Individual Mobility without the downsides that are coming with car ownership or dependence on third party, let it be omission, insurance, parking spot or discomfort.

Biiki is working on a multitude of solutions that will enable this form of Individual Mobility on various platforms, different usage scenarios, different life styles and varying price points.

This is not trip but a journey driven by a clear vision taken in the years to come

Biiki is currently working on multiple solutions for Individual Mobility starting with Micromobility to the next generation of ebike.